As the world advances further and faster into a thriving technological age, so must the way that one should conduct their business. No matter what type of retailer you might be having, adopting a suitable POS (point of sale) system can improves your business efficiency that you could not imagine by providing an all-in-one solution to a multitude of everyday issues. Inventories that fail to match tallies, unrecorded sales, human errors and the time wasted on correcting them are all fairly common problems faced by retailers on a daily basis. Having the leading POS system can help you to solve these issues easily! E.M.A.S. has been a leading developer of Retail Point of Sale Software and Solutions for over 10 years with over 90,000 customers. In order to provide a better illustration and understanding, some of the screenshots are provided in the bottom of the page.

E.M.A.S. POS offers multiple locations with data auto sending throughout branch with Internet facility. E.M.A.S. Point Of Sales offer an "Internet Data Synchronize". The branch data is auto send with high level of security and a set of rule. This is essentially for owner to monitoring branches daily sales activities. For franchises or other businesses with multiple locations, this can provide significant peace of mind.

Key Features

  • Supports Multiple Cash Registers and Ordering Station
  • Inventory Control (retail /Ingredient Control (restaurants)
  • Touch Screen Ready
  • Industry Standard Hardware Supported (Bar code scanners, receipt printers, cash registers & customer display)
  • Membership Management (Discount, Loyalty Programs)


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