One of the most vital tasks in running a business is completing payroll as it is needed to be consistently performed once or twice a month. The payroll system would greatly affecting employees’ morale as financial stability would represent the health of a business. Employees need to be able to rely on being paid on a consistent basis without delays. Payroll affects every aspect of a business from the morale of employees, financial stability to the net income of the company.

There are regulations and format that each business owners must comply when hiring employees, offering compensation and withholding payroll taxes, deductions or garnishments. Therefore, it is important for business owners to use professional accounting software to help them maintain accurate records regarding employee information.

System Highlights

  • Eliminating Error – System would accurately retrieve related personnel’s information for reporting printing and records amendments
  • Time Saving – Immediately prints out Pay Slip and Reports after entering the employee maintenance
  • Predefine Table – All the tables can be predefine especially, EPF, SOCSO
  • Government Reports – Sufficient government reports for user to export or summit
  • Robust Security – ID with specific authorization
  • Multi-Level User Defined Formula and Fields
  • Integrated with Account System
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