Whether you are having a start-up business, business that embarking on further growth or even business that is already established and starting to consider of expansion into new markets. Regardless of the differences that each business life cycle you need to gone thru, Inventory management and control are utmost critical and it tends to be one of the common pitfalls that many businessmen meet. E.M.A.S. are designed to capture and release information in the shortest possible time to enable business owners to make the right decision and purchase decision to remain within the desired inventory policy guidelines and to improve overall inventory management efficiency. In order to provide a better illustration and understanding, some of the screenshots of the system can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

Features & Benefits

  • Menu and Fields Assignment According to Users – The system provides an option to assign menus and fields to specific users. Users will have access to only menus or fields that have been assigned to them based on your security policies.
  • Transaction Tracking – The system shall automatically records user name, date, time and field that has been modified.
  • Minimum and Maximum Stock Level Reminder – To reduce overstocking and to avoid shortage of stock for delivery, the system has an alert function when the stock level falls below the minimum or rises above the maximum level.
  • Partial Delivery – Manage your backlog of orders and link multiple Delivery Orders and Invoices to sales orders.
  • Available Stock quantity on hand and outstanding Purchase order – To provide immediate information to user when quantity is sufficient for delivery.
  • Multiple Units of Measurement – The system allows users to select different units of measurement with different pricing while issuing bills. Conversion to the base unit is automated for stock calculation purposes.
  • Multi-Currency Trading – E.M.A.S. Inventory offers flexible and effective multi-currency billing. Selling prices and item costing are automatically converted to the local currency for reporting purposes.
  • Credit Limit and Term Control – By setting the credit limit and payment terms, the system will enforce restrictions on issuing bills for extra security and control.
  • Selling Price Control – The system has the option of blocking items from being sold below a specified price
  • Multi Location, Branches, Warehouse and Consignment – The system allows stock transfer and consignment to multiple locations and branches.
  • Kit Items and Assembly Items - Automatically calculate cost and quantities of the components to build finish products. Insufficient components for such items will be reported to user.
  • Swap Parts – Assembly components can be changed to other components even after defining the assembly requirements.
  • User Defined Fields – Additional fields can be defined by the user to accommodate text values, numeric values or even formulas.


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