Looking for Accounting Software that is approved by LHDN and that is powerful enough to manage your business and also ready for future expansion? E.M.A.S. Accounting System is your best shot! Among the benefits to name, these are the highlights of the system that one should not miss! In order to provide a better understanding on the system, some of the screenshots are provided at the bottom of the page.

  • Wizard menu that helps user to operates
  • System that allows future multiple business branch support
  • Robust security features that protects the P&C of your business allowing multiple ID with individual menu format, zoom function and batch with authorization IDs and strong password security
  • Historical Unpaid Bills
  • Multiple Currencies supported, that allows user to conduct their cross region business at ease
  • Account Statement Consolidation
  • Budget Assignment
  • Automated Unpaid Bills Prompting
  • Project Account
  • Manufacturing Account
  • Financial Report Writer
  • Reports in various format and files extension
  • Auto backup functions on Year End


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